I am a Chicago-based journalist and writer focused on immigration and culture. I am currently the engagement reporter for Borderless Magazine, an award-winning non-profit immigration news outlet.

In my professional experience I:

- Report ethically and responsibly on stories of refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants  (see articles).

- Prioritize in-person and online engagement with readers and the Chicago community. 

- Practiced public speaking in events representing Borderless Magazine (i.e.:TEDxNEIU: “Why the United States media should rethink how it represents immigrants” or see videos for more).

- Assisted Northwestern graduate students studying journalism in a semester long FOIA project for my investigative series “As Chicago Reopens, Immigrant Restaurateurs Reflect On An Unprecedented Year

- Mentored Northwestern and Mizzou graduate journalism students.

- Hosted listening sessions with local organizers and conducted a reader survey to better understand concerns of immigrants in Chicago. These sessions and surveys resulted in Borderless Magazine’s report: ‘The State of Immigration News’.

 - Use creative platforms for social media and audience growth.

- Translated articles to Arabic.

 - Contributed to weekly meetings with executive director and art director to brainstorm on succeeding plans.

- Did a weekly video series on YouTube and Instagram called "Behind the Story." 

Before joining Borderless as their engagement reporter, I joined as their engagement intern and worked at the World Relief refugee agency.

I studied sociology at Northeastern Illinois University and recently graduated with a  Master's in international studies from DePaul University.