Selected Talks

After the Buses Panel with Block Club and Borderless

Borderless Magazine and Block Club Chicago reporters took people behind the scenes of our collaborative series "After the Buses," sharing what the reporting process looked like, what they learned and their personal highlights.

Keeping it Local: Supporting Immigration Journalism in Chicago

This panel, in collaboration with Pen American and Borderless Magazine, addresses the challenges journalists face such as restricted access to official information, resistance from government officials, and broader barriers to elevating immigrant stories in mainstream media. It also touches upon the impact that the climate of heightened racism and racist violence has on the practice of community journalism in Chicago.


“Why the United States media should rethink how it represents immigrants”

H-1B Visa Executive Order with Atty. Kristen Harris

An interview with attorney Kristen Harris about the United States' new executive order on H-1B visas.

Behind the story with the Code-Switched cast

Check out our latest event with the cast and director of the sitcom Code-Switched!

Code-Switched follows the interconnected lives of five South Asian-American friends trying to blaze their own trails in a world of fleeting relationships, high-expectations, and gentrified workplaces. Messy and constantly in a state of feeling “in-between,” the squad of Zara, Rahul, Priya, Joe, and Krish will have to lean on each other to get through their twenties.

Carmen Geha on Lebanon’s Current Situation Months After the October Revolution Started

An interview with Dr. Carmen Geha from the American University of Beirut in Lebanon about the current crisis in Lebanon. Dr. Geha is an associate professor of public administration and focuses her work on civil society and protest movements, refugee crisis and women’s political representation.