Diane Bou Khalil is a Lebanese American journalist based in Chicago.

She is the engagement reporter for Borderless Magazine, an award-winning immigration news outlet. She reports about and with immigrant communities covering issues such as policy, labor, culture, race and asylum.

Diane's passion for storytelling ties in with her interest in research, migration, human social behavior and relationships. She was raised in Brummana, Lebanon before coming to Chicago to earn her Bachelor's in sociology from Northeastern Illinois University and a Master's in international studies from DePaul University. Her research focuses on Middle Eastern immigrant communities in Chicago and the meaning of "home."

She also has public speaking, podcast, and mentoring experience; speaking in classrooms, being invited as a panelist and moderator (i.e.:TEDxNEIU: "Why the United States media should rethink how it represents immigrants" or videos), and mentoring college students in the three-month long project, "As Chicago Reopens, Immigrant Restaurateurs Reflect On An Unprecedented Year." 

Contact: dianeboukhalil@gmail.com